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Unsurprisingly, she was written out of the show around the time Batgirl was introduced as a main character. They are in fact so good that The Movie is entirely centered around her origins and race, and even when she leaves the team she's still a huge deal later on. Of course, it might be thatrather than being motivated by pure nobility of spirit, this philosophy functions as a convenient way for the male character to avoid the humiliation of being beaten by a woman ; if he refuses to fight against women, there's no way for a woman to ever prove she could defeat him at his full strength. This is still the trope played straight though as if it were any other boss in the game, the act of fighting Harley and trapping her would be a boss fight instead of a cutscene. That was when all the nonsense about Poison being transgender started. Toy Story 3 gives Mrs.

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Season 2 of The Incredible Hulk:

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Wouldn't Hit a Girl

Rain herself becomes a secondary example later, when Allenby is Brainwashed and Crazy and she takes up the task of Defusing The Tykebomb. But it's obvious that he's just not that good at fighting. When the series began, Kelsey had been replaced with Clyde to balance out the gender ratio and because Kelsey's actress was rather difficult. In Crowns of the KingdomDaisy joins the party a bit later than Minnie. Luckily for Mat, his betrothed does not share his hang-ups. So while she won't be attacked, she doesn't have to die for you to still lose.

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