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As if the movie didn't have enough problems to deal with already, for some reason they decided to recast the Chinese-American character with a white actor. The two performers, both of whom have a great backlog of movies, had previously been on-screen together as lovers in Godzilla. Vertgo's trickster magician is a terrible person to fall for judging by all his past relationships, though those people aren't around to warn you away, and even knowing he's bad for you may be no defense against John Constantine's wily charms. Her name appeared on many other lists of the hottest ladies out there throughout the years. Captain America might be seen punching Hitler and fighting Nazis in other comics, but they were never depicted in the same distasteful way the Japanese were. Now that's a superpower! Fox and Marvel's relationship is pretty complicated.

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Havok has the power of a sun wrapped up in tight pants and a surly mutant James Dean attitude.

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We've consulted with friends and experts, with readers on Twitter and Tumblr, and we've put together our own list of the sexiest male characters in comics. If you want a list of sexy ladies, some other site will probably have one for you soon. No matter how badly we all want to see Samuel Jackson's Nick Fury smoke a cigar on the big-screen, it'll never happen, ladies and gentlemen. We will see her again in the role of Gamora in Avengers: And he does it all with icy blue eyes, cool tailored suits and a riviera tan. Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. The movie will release on March 8,

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